Yasmeen Nadeem , a mother of three children was leading a miserable life because her husband was lazy, lunatic and jobless. Yasmeen was a victim of physical and verbal abuse for many years. Eventually she got divorce. She started working as a match maker, arranging weddings within the community. She earned enough to support her children. One day when she was coming back from work accompanied by her little son, she was encountered by her ex husband who abused her and demanded money. On resistance he took out a bottle of acid from his pocket and attacked targeting her face. This affected not only part of her face but also injured the little son accompanying the mother. Narrating her story Yasmeen cries not for her agony but for the child who was also hurt during the sad incident. Depilex Smileagain has arranged a series of surgeries for yasmeen and the required treatment for the son. She was provided shelter and for her rehabilitation Depilex Smileagain arranged a job in Mactor Pharmaceutical Karachi, where she is happily managing as kitchen supervisor and feels proud and elevated when her colleagues call herMADAM. Her three children are now studying and she is working hard to ensure a better future for her children.