Pakistan’s leading conference management organization Nutshell Forum hosted Women Leadership Summit at Pearl Continental Hotel, Lahore. The chosen Theme for this summit was “New Age Leadership: The Gender of Talent”. 400 plus delegates were engaged in this summit with good mix of gender from different countries of Middle East and South Asia. 40-member delegations from India also attend this summit including renowned women leaders from different sectors.
Masarrat Misbah and Ayesha Taslim participated in the Summit as DSF representatives. Various sessions highlighted key aspects of the theme. Masarrat Misbah was part of a panel which defined and discussed Managing Diversity with emphases on benefits, challenges and solutions. The moderator highly commended the efforts of Masarrat Misbah for her noble cause of helping the acid burn victims, and invited her to share the mission and activities of the organization. Other panelists shared their success stories and how they overcame the problems. In the question/answer session Ayesha Taslim drew the attention of the panelists to the much needed follow up mechanism for all initiatives. Responding, the panelists agreed that this was a very pertinent issue and efforts should be made to get the messages trickle down to the grass roots level.
In the final session Reham Khan joined and highlighted basic qualities of a good leader and women’s role in leadership. At the end of the event she distributed the awards to the panelists.