Depilex Smileagain is an institution which is recognized both nationally and internationally, the director of Depilex Smileagain has won numerous awards for her work as a philanthropist not just in Pakistan but in other countries too. When Depilex Smileagain started its working, the help came from everywhere, but the most phenomenal help came from Italy in form of Doctors and Skin Specialists who have visited Pakistan for Depilex Smileagain from time to time to treat acid attack and burn victims. Countless patients have recovered and are living a normal life with the help of these doctors and there are hundreds who are still receiving treatments.

These doctors from Italy don’t just treat the patients, they also perform surgeries. Most of the times the surgeries are performed in Pakistan, but in case of a patient who requires extensive surgical treatments, the patient is selected to come to Italy for final surgeries. Depilex Smileagain bears all the expenses for their visits to Italy.

These doctors usually come once in a year, but that does not discontinue the treatments for the patients. When the doctors arrive, a special team of local doctors who have volunteered for helping Depilex Smileagain join them for getting training. This year when Dr Gabriela Vaiselasu arrived from Italy she also trained doctors to give treatments to all acid attack and burn patients.

The local doctors were trained for Carboxyl, Photo Dynamic, and Platelet Rich Plasma. Dr Gabriela also selected 14 patients for these treatments, after her departure Depilex Smileagain made arrangements with Skin Clinic Karachi to conduct weekly OPD in Karachi. The tenure of these treatments will be one year and the entire procedure will be documented for research purposes.