Successive Reports released by United Nations Development Program (UNDP) have shown that people in most countries have been doing steadily better in human development. Advances in technology, education and income hold ever greater promise for longer, healthier, more secure lives. But there is also a widespread sense of precariousness in the world today – in livelihoods, in personal security, in the environment and in global politics. High achievements on critical aspects of human development, such as health and nutrician, can be quickly undermined by a natural disaster, economic slump or bad governance.  The 2014 report has shown similar trends.
Masarrat Misbah and Ayesha Taslim attended the launching ceremony of the UNDP Human Development Report  2014. The report highlighted that  real progress on human development is not only a matter of enlarging people,s critical choices and their ability to be educated, be healthy, have a reasonable standard of living and feel safe. It is also a matter of how secure these achievements are and whether conditions are sufficient for sustained human development.
A large number of civil society representatives were invited by the UNDP management  to participate in the event.
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