During my recent visit to Bahawalpur for the launch of our new franchise I came across some very lovely people. Not only were they very hospitable but also very eager to learn. After seeing those beautiful 150 guests waiting for me for the ribbon cutting ceremony I instantly forgot how tired I was. The tiredness of the 6 hours long journey just evaporated in to thin air.
The interior of the salon was beautifully done and the staff was looking very smart. After the ribbon cutting ceremony I had a gupshup session with the guests about personal grooming. I was pleasantly surprised that all of them were well aware and up to date with all the beauty trends. They were all concerned about their looks and. But like always I felt that there was no qualified centre to back the awareness that these smart ladies had. But now Depilex Institute and Beauty Clinic was there to help them groom their personalities.
In this field it is very essential that you learn the art professionally. Proper certifications and trainings are the factors that differentiate you from the thousands of beauticians practicing without certification. It not only gives you command over your skill but also confidence to practice your skills more commercially. You may be able to succeed in the short term without having a proper certification but in the long run it is not substantial. I have witnessed throughout my career that new names emerge and then close down because they could not survive in this industry for long. Not that they were not capable but because they had no proper certifications for their skills or their salon. Another thing that I witnessed during these one on one session was the fact that how much value these ladies give to my advice. They came up to me asking me how to deal with their personal problems. I spoke to as many girls as I could and gave my personal number to them too so that they know they have a listening ear who would listen to their problems.
But I always leave such events with a dissatisfied heart that I could not help them as much as I want to.
As always they wanted to take pictures with me, which is a really humbling experience for me but a tiring one for my cheek bones. After a long picture taking session I left the event with a pleasant mood and thinking how much positive energy one gets after meeting all these beautiful confident ladies.