Throughout June 2023, the Depilex Smileagain Foundation (DSF) demonstrated dedication to its core mission: offering comprehensive medical care and support to survivors of acid attacks. Beyond the realm of immediate aid, DSF’s objective extends to the empowerment of these individuals, fostering their ability to seamlessly reintegrate into society as self-sufficient and proactive members.


On July 6th, DSF held a meeting with MDM related to finances to be allocated to DSF to fund the surgeries/procedures for their clients. MDMs financial allocation would play a very key role in helping deliver the best possible services to acid attack survivors.And Ayesha Taslim, Director Program,  attended a session on  ‘Membership Development’, organised by RAHNUMA, at Serena, Islamabad.

On July 17th, NRSP conducted a follow up meeting with DSF about a previous project in which 4 patients showed interest in the beauty industry. NRSP provided the patients with equipped salons for them to conduct business and in this meeting inquired about the current status of the patients.

On July 20th, Masarrat Misbah went to Samaa TV to talk about harassment and its adverse effects on society. Harassment undermines an individual’s sense of safety, dignity, and well-being, often resulting in emotional, psychological, and even physical harm. Addressing and preventing harassment is an important step towards promoting respect, empathy and social wellbeing. And DSF team comprising; Ayesha Taslim, Abdiya and Semon participated in International Webinar SCO Summit 2023: Implications, Challenges and Future Prospects. The social media event was organised by IPDS; Institute of Peace and Diplomatic Studies.


On July 21st, Masarrat Misbah met with the team at STEVTA, about the opportunities and courses for DSF burnt survivors and later an MOU was signed between DSF and Mid Citi Hospital serving as a preliminary step towards establishing a formal agreement.

Additionally on July 21st, 22nd, Mission of training 100 DSF girls under Dawood Global Foundation Scholarship, cooking class was held at DSF which was attended by 30 victims. All victims engaged in cooking activities with the chefs present and were taught how to make cupcakes and pizzas.


On July 25th/26th, a journalist from Ukraine visited DSF to cover the activities of the foundation and also listened and interviewed to stories shared by 4 victims.

On July 27th, 28th  the month concluded with Mission of training 100 DSF girls under Dawood Global Foundation Scholarship, cooking class being held the second time and pineapple desert and sandwiches were taught by the chefs present. At the end of the class, certificates were also distributed to the 30 attendees to commemorate their achievement.

Throughout the month, DSF remained dedicated to its mission of providing holistic support, empowering survivors, and fostering a society that rejects acid violence.