7th  February 2024

FranklinCovey, a renowned global organization specializing in personal and professional development, paid a visit to the headquarters of Depilex Smileagain Foundation in Lahore. The meeting marked a significant collaboration aimed at empowering survivors of acid attacks through leadership and skill-building initiatives. With shared values of resilience and growth, this partnership promises to create lasting impact and foster positive change in the lives of those affected by such tragic circumstances. Stay tuned for updates on this inspiring journey towards empowerment and transformation.

7th-13th  February 2024

Depilex Smileagain Foundation visited Y Block Market for a noble cause – the distribution of advocacy material. With their flyers, brochures, and letters asking for zakat donations, the DSF team was determined to tell people about their goal: helping survivors of acid attacks and making society better. Amidst the hustle and bustle of the market, their efforts shone brightly, as they engaged with passersby, educating them about the importance of empathy, acceptance, and support for survivors.

14th February

DSF staff, along with DPL mentors conducted an audit of a salon setup established by the collaboration between NRSP and DSF. This audit aimed to assess the effectiveness and efficiency of the salon operations. By evaluating hygiene standards, service quality, and customer satisfaction, the team ensured that the salon provides a safe and welcoming environment for  staff and clients. Such audits are essential for maintaining the high standards upheld by DSF and its partners.

19th  February

DSF team visited Liberty Market for advocacy and fundraising campaign. Trough person to person communication and distribution of brochures and posters, DSF Mission was highlighted. Major activities supporting acid burn survivors through medical treatment, psycho-social support and skill training for rehabilitation were explained. Appeal was made to the traders for helping the women hit by the worst form of Violence.

20th February

DSF Ambassador Ahmer Iqbal –  a burnt survivor visited the Head Office in Lahore and talked to the staff about his experiences. He shared his story of resilience and faith. Ahmer’s visit was inspiring, showing how someone can overcome challenges and make a positive impact. Sharing of such experiencesIt give hope and encouragement to others facing similar struggles. His visit surely left a lasting impression on everyone at the DSF Head Office.

21st February

A team from FranklinCovey Pakistan visited DSF  head office to interview burnt survivors for a documentary film. The survivors shared their stories to inspire others. The production and showing of this documentary will spread awareness about DSF cause and the resilience of burnt survivors. DSF is grateful for FranklinCovey’s support in sharing our mission with the world.

23rd   February

DSF welcomed supporters and international donors to head office. A meet and greet interaction  with DSF Founder President  Masarrat Misbah and DSF supporters was a momentous occasion filled with gratitude and camaraderie as they discussed the impact of their contributions and further collaborative  options, reinforcing the commitment to empowering survivors. Such gatherings strengthen the bond between DSF and its supporters, generating optimism for a brighter future.

24th February

DSF staff participated in a Workplace Ethics session hosted by the Lahore Chamber of Commerce & Industry. This valuable opportunity allowed our team to enhance their understanding of ethical practices in the workplace. From fostering a culture of integrity to promoting respect and professionalism, the session provided insightful guidance for maintaining high standards of conduct. Such initiatives underscore DSF’s commitment to excellence and ethical leadership in all aspects of our work. We look forward to applying these principles to further empower survivors and foster positive change in our community.

24th February

DSF Karachi embarked on a poignant mission, visiting Urduflix to conduct interviews with brave survivors. This initiative aimed to amplify the voices of survivors and share their inspiring stories with a wider audience. Through heartfelt conversations, survivors had the opportunity to shed light on their experiences, challenges, and triumphs. Urduflix provided a platform for these courageous individuals to showcase their resilience and strength, fostering greater understanding and empathy within society.

27th February

DSF hosted MDM Orientation at head office. During the event, patients were informed about upcoming surgeries, and they had the opportunity to sign consent forms and fill out required criteria forms. Additionally, a special launch was organized to celebrate the courage and resilience of the victims. It was a momentous occasion, highlighting DSF’s dedication to providing comprehensive care and support to survivors of acid attacks. We continue to stand with these brave individuals on their journey towards healing and empowerment.

28th  February

DSF staff embarked on a dual journey of empowerment and engagement. They first visited Hajvery University to witness a captivating thesis display by students, showcasing their academic achievements and innovative ideas. Later in the day, both DSF staff and patients embarked on a meaningful visit to a local channel for an interview. This provided a platform for survivors to share their inspiring stories and shed light on the challenges they’ve overcome with the support of DSF. Such initiatives not only highlight DSF’s dedication to education and advocacy but also amplify the voices of survivors, fostering greater awareness and support within the community.