On 2nd December , DSF Lahore orchestrated a transformative workshop for survivors, commencing with spiritual solace through Quranic recitation and soulful naats. Yoga activities set a serene tone, promoting relaxation for the survivors. An empowering speech on psychotherapy unfolded, fostering resilience and strength. The day seamlessly blended therapeutic interventions with a musical evening, creating a harmonious atmosphere. The balloon exercise brought a symbolic release of burdens, symbolizing the journey towards healing. Culminating in a delightful high tea, the event not only educated but also nurtured emotional well-being. DSF commitment to holistic recovery was highlighted through this uplifting and eventful day of support.


On 4th December, Masarrat Misbah as an Alumni visited her school; Mianwali Public School (Girls) KHI Cantt. She was honoured and recognized for her social services for the burnt victims in Pakistan.


December 05, 2023‐ DSF Signed MOU with MIDCITI Hospital that will mark a significant milestone in the realm of specialized health care services. The collaboration is hoped to bring positive change in the lives of ailing burn victims.


On 7th December, DSF Peshawar extended its compassionate outreach with a Psycho-Social Support Workshop, graciously hosted at Beaconhouse Peshawar. The event kicked off with an inspiring speech by President DSF, Massarat Misbah, setting the tone for a day of transformation. Two courageous survivors shared their powerful stories, offering glimpses into their resilient futures. A psychiatrist added professional insights, emphasizing the importance of mental well-being. The workshop seamlessly transitioned into a sports-filled afternoon, fostering camaraderie between survivors and students, a testament to the community’s support. The day concluded on a heartwarming note with shared laughter over lunch, solidifying DSF commitment to holistic healing and empowerment.

On 9th December,  Masarrat  Misbah  was  invited  as  Chief  Guest at the power lunch arranged by Ladies Funds in Karachi.

In a heartwarming initiative on December 13th, DSF extended a hand of empowerment by gifting two laptops to resilient male survivors. The purpose is clear – to equip these brave individuals with the digital skills needed for self-sufficiency and independence. By providing tools for learning and earning, DSF demonstrates a commitment to breaking barriers and fostering long-term financial stability for survivors. This thoughtful gesture signifies a belief in the potential of every survivor to shape their own destiny. As these recipients embark on their digital learning journey, DSF stands as a beacon of support, emphasizing that the path to recovery includes opportunities for skill development and economic independence. On the same day Ayesha Taslim participated in the Youth Consultation 2030 Commitments, organized by Rahnuma FPAP.

On 14th December, Hamdard University, Karachi invited Masarrat Misbah to deliver a lecture to students on “ Violence against Women: Specifically Acid Crime”. Same day Ayesha Taslim attended breast cancer awareness seminar at the Governor House, Lahore; organized by University College of Medicine & Dentistry: The University of Lahore.























24th Nov 2023

In a touching initiative, Taba Foundation students recently organized a visit to DSF Head Office, focusing their efforts on supporting burn victims. Day started with the launch arranged by DSF for burn victims. Engaging in meaningful interactions, students played games with the burn victims, creating moments of joy and camaraderie. The power of storytelling took center stage as the students immersed themselves in acting, using their creative talents to spread messages of resilience and hope. The generosity of Taba Foundation shone through with the distribution of thoughtful gifts, bringing smiles to the faces of burn victims who have faced immense challenges. Going above and beyond, the Depilex Smile again Foundation also provided fares to the victims, emphasizing a holistic approach to support. This visit stands as a testament to the transformative impact of empathy and collective action, illuminating the hearts of all involved.

27th Nov 2023

DPL Mentors convened with the NSPR Team for a crucial meeting. The focus of the discussion centered on the salons jointly established by DSF and NSPR, specifically to support burn victims. The collaborative effort took a concrete step forward as both teams meticulously finalized the audit process for these salons, ensuring transparency and accountability in their commitment to aiding those who have faced adversity. This partnership exemplifies the power of collective action in fostering positive change for the benefit of burn victims on their journey to recovery.


On August 2nd DSF President Masarrat Misbah participated in PODA’s special webinar where she spoke about women’s health, and shared some very exciting new launches from @masarratmakeup this year’s products.

On the same day BBC soul sisters invited DSF patient Kanwal to join online session where she shared her life story and participants from all walks of life expressed their ideas.

On August 3rd Masarrat Misbah was invited at the Governor House as guest speaker to talk about women empowerment.

On Aug 4th DSF President along with two burnt survivors were invited at Garrison University where Masarrat Misbah delivered speech to students on how they can contribution to the society by helping the needy. DSF burnt survivors also shared their life journey with the students.

On August 8th Masarrat Misbah received the Development Leadership Award from the Ministry of Planning Development and Special Initiatives at the ceremony held in Islamabad.The Development Leadership Awards ceremony was a momentous occasion, that brought together thought leaders, policy leaders, business leaders and society leaders to celebrate the spirit of excellence and progress in Pakistan, and it was truly an honour to have been recognised on this platform.

On Aug 11th a DSF supporter came to visit burn survivors at DSF Head Office. Burn survivors shared their life journey with the guest.

On Aug 17th  Masarrat Misbah was invited to join forces with @packagesgroup alongside, with two burn survivors as guest speakers at the 6th anniversary of the ACTS Platform event, celebrating “Actively Caring Through Sharing”.

On 20th August Director Program, Ayesha Taslim represented DSF and joined the 10th Anniversary Celebrations of Olomopolo. A large number of civil society organizations and media representatives enjoyed The the cultural performance followed by the Cake cutting.

On Aug 22nd Suno HD interviewed Masarrat Misbah on the morning show “ Jahan Numa” where she explained the working of DSF.

On Aug 27th DSF visited Ibn- Qasim hospital where doctors examine DSF patients.

On Aug 28th Saarc Women (Rotary Club) visited DSF and spent some quality time with DSF burnt survivors and came to know about the working of DSF.