The Depilex Smileagain Foundation continues to demonstrate unwavering dedication to its mission of providing medical care and assistance to survivors of acid attacks. Moreover, it empowers them through education and skill training, fostering their transformation into productive and self-reliant contributors to society. The foundation’s vision reaches far beyond addressing the immediate needs of these survivors.

With the advent of the holy month of Ramadan, President Masarrat Misbah of DSF was graciously invited to national media forums and Ramadan Transmissions. This invaluable platform allowed her to shed light on the remarkable activities undertaken by DSF and make a heartfelt appeal to philanthropists for generous donations that could make a profound difference in the lives of the survivors.

  • March 24, AAJ TV, Baran-e-Rehmat show
  • March 25, Venus TV, Ibadat-e-Ramzan
  • March 26, Bol News
  • March 27, FM 105 and Samaa TV Karachi
  • March 28, TV One, Noor-e-Rehman, Ishq Ramazan Transmission and News One on Ibadat-e-Ramazan
  • March 30,2023, GTV Ramzan transmission
  • March 31, Bol Entertainment
  • April 2, City 42
  • April 3, Masala TV, Iftar with Ayesha show
  • April 5,  AAJ Entertainment
  • April 8, City 24, Ramadan Transmission.
  • April 9, Khabraiyn on Channel 5 and at Channel 24
  • April 10, 2023 at Discover Pakistan on Salam Pakistan and at GNN channel.
  • April 11, at Express TV
  • April 12, PTV News, Ramadan Pakistan
  • April 13, PTV News recording “Sky is the limit” and HUM News, Ramadan aur Hum
  • April 14, Punjab Network PNN Ramadan
  • April 15, NEO TV
  • April 18, BOL TV, Eid Program recording and at webinar, “Trends in women”



On April 28, Eid Milan was arranged by DSF Karachi which was sponsored by Rotary club. 21 survivors were invited to attend this lunch party. They happily participated and enjoyed the afternoon.