Masarrat Misbah was invited by Education and Community Services Society (ECSS) to grace an event ‘Slice of Life’ (SOL) an initiative to raise awareness and rehabilitate the Victims of Acid Assaults. ECSS works under Pakistan Navy Engineering College (PNEC) which is a constituent of National University of Science and Technology (NUST).SOL project aims to provide self-employment opportunities to the victims, helping them empower themselves and restore the confidence in holding on to life.
Eminent speakers from various professional competencies were invited for motivational dialogue. Jbran Nasir, a lawyer and political activist spoke about the importance of strict implementation of laws. Saadi Makhdoom , public speaking expert on education and entrepreneurship emphasized the importance of youth participation in social work. Ex-Vice Chairperson Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, Amarnath Motomal termed acid throwing as the worst of all  crimes and a sever violation of human rights.
As the event progressed, students presented motivational skits. In the side stalls DSF souvenirs with motivational messages were displayed for raising funds.
The brave survivor of acid attack, Mamoona, who is now working as a nurse in Karachi narrated her story. Acknowledging the support of DSF she shared with the audience that when she was registered Masarrat Misbah told her never to lose hope.
The organizers had arranged ‘candles of HOPE’ which were lit by Masarrat Misbah. In her address she thanked the organizers for arranging a meaningful event, encouraging the youth to come forward to come forward and help the victims of acid assaults. .
PROJECT S.O.L “Slice Of Life” A call in support and solidarity for all Acid Attack Survivors.