Success Stories

The Case Studies are based on details as narrated by the burnt victims.
As such Depilex Smileagain Foundation is not accountable for the credibility of the incidents

Shahida Shilpi

Shahida Shilpi is a middle aged woman living in Karachi. Few years back she was forced to marry a man double her age. Shahida was young and beautiful. Her spouse being illiterate and having a very ordinary personality developed a complex which soon turned into suspicion and distrust.

One day they both went to attend a wedding. Everyone was praising Shahida. Once again her husband became jealous. Later jealousy transformed into beatings and physical abuse. She was forcefully disconnected from her friends, family and neighborhood. One unfortunate morning in spite of the permission granted to her to visit her family, she was inhumanly dragged back and locked in the room. Her husband took out an acid filled bottle, threw it on Shahida and ran away leaving her helpless. On hearing her cries the  neighbours came and rushed her to a nearby clinic for emergency services. Her face, neck, shoulders were severely burnt.

Later she got registered with DSF in 2017 and since then has gone through multiple surgeries. She was remarried and is now a mother of two children living a happy family life. As her health improved, she was supported to complete a beauty course and worked as beautician in Depilex Salon for four years. Currently, she is working as a freelancer and provides beauty services to females at home.  Shahdia believed that each time we face our fear, we gain strength, courage, and confidence in the doing.