Success Stories

The Case Studies are based on details as narrated by the burnt victims.
As such Depilex Smileagain Foundation is not accountable for the credibility of the incidents

Salma Hanif

Salma Hanif is a middle aged woman living in Karachi. She lived a humble life with her husband. She was an epileptic patient and used to get fritz on and off. It was in Ramadan when she was preparing Sehri and suddenly got fritz. She lost control and fell on a hot pan on the stove. Her head with face down hit into the pot. Salma screamed for help. Her husband ran to help and took her to a nearby hospital for emergency services. Salma’s face was severely burnt. Unfortunately she also lost one eye in this tragic incidence. Because of her worst condition she was shifted to ICU. More trouble was on her way as a few days later her husband divorced her, leaving her all alone and helpless in the ICU. When her condition got stable Salma was discharged from the hospital and came to live with her parents. Since she has a matriculation certificate she decided to support herself by giving tuitions to students of primary class at her home. But she soon realized that because of her mutilated face the neighbourhood community avoided to send their children to her.

She contacted DSF and got registered in 2015. Since then DSF has arranged several facial surgeries for her. When her condition got better, Salma showed interest in stitchcraft. DSF wholeheartedly supported her to complete the course and provided her internship opportunity with a designer to enhance her skills. After her internship, DSF provided Salma a stitching unit so that she may stitch clothes to earn a livelihood. Hats off to her perseverance that she is doing all the hard work with only one eye as the other eye lost sight during the burning accident.

Doctors have given hope that she can get a prosthetic eye and for this we need your support. Donate generously to help Salma regain her strength and live a better life.