Ayesha Taslim, Director Program participated in the 6th Annual Conference on Rural Women held in October 2013 at Lok Virsa, Islamabad.
The Conference was strategically important because of its timing in advocating the creation of opportunities for expanding the gender responsive initiatives and a greater portfolio for women in peace and development discourse. As we all know, right now, the discourse on peace and security issues is largely male dominated.  It does not take into consideration that it is the women who face the worse consequences of violation in the family. society and country.
Over 1000 women from rural areas of Pakistan participated in the Conference. It provided a unique opportunity to policy makers and the media to interact with women community leaders. The dialogue and discussion at the conference highlighted the need for a gender-responsive “right to development”.
The outcome of the conference included a resolution, formation of a network and creation of rural women’s committees to monitor implementation of pro-women laws as well as budget watch groups of rural women at district level.
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