Many people describe various reasons of the prevailing domestic violence. Today, I am going to focus on the very important but usually ignored cause of this problem. It is the role of the parental upbringing in teaching children the core values that we often ignore. It cannot be denied that lack of education, lack of Islamic teachings and frustration in the society are the main causes of this issue but how many of us really think while treating our male children differently from our female children that this discrimination in childhood can become a big problem in future.
In our cultural scenario, the brothers are preferred over their sisters because they are going to be earning hands of their kin. With the same mindset, when these males grow up start dominating their mothers, sisters and wives.
The reasons of such behavior of parents differ from each other but somehow all parents do this discrimination among their children. In urban culture, this discrimination is minimal but it does exist. The condition of the rural areas is very depreciating.
Parents tend to spend more money on the education of their male children with respect to their daughters. Similarly, the male children are given better food than their females’ counterparts. And when it comes to decision making at home, opinions of men are preferred over women. All these things make psychological impressions on the minds of men and women as well. Men think that they are superior and women start thinking that they are inferior to men. This imbalance of thoughts is the base of this social crime.
The role of the community is of immense value in reducing this enigma from the society. In a family, male and female children should be brought up and cared for equally. Parents should not prefer their male children for providing education, food and respect.
The brought up of both brother and sister on equality makes them realize the facts that no one is superior to anyone and they do understand the rights of women as well.