Success Stories

The Case Studies are based on details as narrated by the burnt victims.
As such Depilex Smileagain Foundation is not accountable for the credibility of the incidents

Rehmana Ibrar

Rehmana Ibrar lives in Lahore. Her husband drives a dump truck, a vehicle used for construction work. She was contented to live a happy family life with her husband, three children and the in-laws. A sad accident brought troubles and changed their lives. Rehmana was cooking in the kitchen and her children were studying in the nearby room. Suddenly, the gas cylinder blasted and the whole house caught fire. Rehmana helped her in-laws and children to quickly escape from the house into the open courtyard. When all were saved, Rehmana suddenly realised that the youngest daughter was still stuck in a room. She jumped back and rescued her daughter. During this effort while the child was rescued and safe, the mother’s dress caught fire leaving severe body burns. The whole family was taken to nearby hospital for emergency services. All were cured for minor burns but Rehmana’s injuries were serious.   Her face, neck, shoulders, arms, hands, back and legs were deeply injured with burns.

She got registered with DSF in 2019 and is undergoing a series of  required surgeries and non-surgical medical procedures. Since her burns are deep and spread all over the body she requires many more surgical procedures to get bak to near normal. We urge you to donate generously to help Rehmana and many other victims like her so that they are rehabilitated to lead a normal life with their families.