Dr. Zahra Haider, currently working as a Demonstrator of Behavioral Sciences in CMH Lahore Medical and Dental College visited DSF to meet the burnt victims. She shared her desire to carry out a research activity with her students holding one to one session with selected burn victims with a twofold objective,

  • To provide an opportunity to burn victims to express and share their feelings, suffering and hopeful journey to recovery


  • To educate students on how to interact with patients with special emphasis on ‘mental and spiritual’ health, which is usually ignored in Pakistan Health care set ups

Day one started with introduction. Each participant was helped to fill a data form with the help of facilitating student. Emotions and acts of motivation were described and how the subjected individuals can help themselves in boosting either of the two. This was followed by group activities involving Art and Music where the participants were allowed to express their stress/anxiety through Art (use of colors in different ways) and Music. This helped the victims vent out the stress and trauma ‘hidden’ in their subconscious mind.
In order to carry out a profitable psycho-social-assessment there needs to be a friendly bond developed between the doctor and the patient. So activities carried on DAY 01 sufficed the rapport development and helped in proceeding a good Psycho-social-assessment session on Day 02. At the end of Day 02, the participants were assigned simple daily routine tasks to be followed throughout the week for sustainable happiness.
Monday: read Holy Quran for half an hour.
Tuesday: Smile five times during the day.
Wednesday: Feed water to birds and plants.
Thursday: Draw a picture.
Friday: Get dressed in your best clothes.
Saturday: Help one angry person to smile.
Sunday: Cook a sweet dish at home for the family.
The participants enjoyed these sessions. It is planned to hold more interactive sessions like this for the benefit of the burnt victims.