The effects of acid violence include serious physical harm and are disfigured for life. In addition to the inevitable psychological trauma, survivors also face social isolation and ostracism that further damage their self-esteem and seriously undermine their professional and personal future. As such psychotherapy is of vital importance. Following its holistic approach Depilex Smileagain F takes care of the survivors from surgeries to complete rehabilitation. When the patients are under medical treatment it is also important to assist them with psychological and social rehabilitation. DSF engages the services of psycho-therapists and experts in related field to help the survivors.
Sadaf Sohail, a Behavioral Scientist was invited to visit Karachi where she met the survivors and spent a healing therapy day. The consultant showed interest in providing regular counseling services to the victims through DSF program. Apart from the individual counseling required by each person for a longer period of time, the idea of generalized workshops to the enrolled survivors was discussed in detail as future plan of action.