Depilex Smile again Foundation (DSF) arranged a two day Psycho-Social Support Workshop for Acid and Kerosene oil burn survivors. The aim was to provide the participants a recreational tool of expression so that they can express their feelings. In the ice breaking session the workshop expert interchanged introduction in a lively manner. This opportunity gave the participants a relaxing and fun-filled environment. Such positive activities help the victims to forget traumas that they have faced.
During this activity representatives from Department of Health and Ministry of Culture visited to encourage the participants. Dr Hasan Orooj, Director Health Services, CDA, Islamabad assured full support to DSF in its initiatives. Dr Khalid Randhawa, District Health Officer, Rawalpindi was highly impressed to see the survivors in good shape and health after medical treatment and follow up.
Mr Zulfiqar, Director Performing Arts, Pakistan National Council of the Arts, appreciated the initiative of DSF and expressed that along with medical treatment it is also important to provide recreational activities to make the survivors feel that they are part of the mainstream social network. He invited the workshop participants, consultants and DSF management to visit PNCA and enjoy a Puppet Show performance. This visit and show was a delightful experience particularly for the survivors.
The paintings made by the workshop participants will be exhibited for sale in an event to be arranged in December 2013. This will further encourage the survivors.
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