My name is Amrit Ahmed. I have just finished my O’level studies. I always wanted to do something that made myself and others happy. I had my three months summer vacations so therefore, I looked at it as an opportunity to accomplish my goal and started to look for a way to keep myself happy whilst doing some social work.
One day I was just randomly searching on internet about some of the foundations working for orphans, women rights e.t.c. As my search engine continued I suddenly came across Smileagain foundation. Smileagain works for the acid and kerosene burn victims and is run by Mussarat Misbah. While I was reading the web page I came across the objective of this foundation.
Immediately on 16 of June I decided to meet Mussarat Misbah. Mussarat Misbah after seeing my passion and considering my enthusiasm immediately offered me to work with her foundation as a volunteer. It was that very day when I met Mamoona an acid victim. Due to my friendly nature Maimoona immediately became my really good friend. When I told her that I am going to voluntarily work with Smileagain she hugged me and gave me a big smile and said that she is really happy to see someone working for them too. She got really excited when she came to know that I am going to visit her daily while she is in hospital and will bring her lunch too.
The smile that I saw on Mamoona’s face made me proud of myself that I am doing something productive. From that day onwards I decided that I would always be a friend of this foundation. Every day I meet many burn victims who come to this foundation with a new hope, trust and expect to enjoy a new life.
I feel really proud working here because the atmosphere provided by Mussarat Misbah is really cherishing. It feels like as if I belong here. Hence, I will recommend my all dear friends who are sitting idle in their homes  in front of computer or just hanging around achieving nothing, should not waste their time and come to Smileagain and work with them because smiles are meant to be shared and we should make sure that we share a smile too.