Psycho-Social Support Workshop for Acid Burn Victims
Depilex Smileagain Foundation (DSF) arranged a day long Psycho-Social Support Workshop for Acid and Kerosene oil burn survivors. The aim was to provide the participants a recreational day with healers. The ideology behind this Workshop was two-fold; (1) Help the Acid burn victims vent out the stress and trauma ‘hidden’ in their subconscious mind. (2) Educate junior doctors on how to interact with patients with special emphasis on ‘mental and spiritual’ health, which is usually ignored in Pakistan Health care set ups.
The participants gathered at a Farm House in Baloki. The spacious, open natural surrounding provided a relaxing backdrop for one-to-one doctor-patient interaction. In the ice breaking session the workshop experts interchanged introduction in a lively manner. This opportunity gave the participants a relaxing and fun-filled environment. Such positive activities help the victims to forget traumas that they have faced.
In order to carry out a productive psycho-social-assessment there needs to be a friendly bond developed between the doctor and the patient. After the introduction, the participants were assisted to fill out a form by the junior doctors, under the supervision of team leader, Dr Zahra (PhD), associated with Psychology Department, CMH Lahore. The subjected individuals were briefed on what emotions are and what motivation is, and how individuals can help themselves in boosting either of the two.
This was followed by group activities where the subjects were encouraged to express their stress/anxiety in different ways.
During lunch break Junaid Younas (singer) joined the group. He entertained all by singing songs. The happy session ended by all participants singing together.