Dastak Foundation Pakistan invited Masarrat Misbah to address destitute women in the private shelter which was started by lawyer sisters Hina Jilani and Asma Jahangir. She was accompanied by acid burn victim Bushra Shafi.  20 victims of violence spent an hour talking about ‘Never to give in’.
The organizers informed that “FACES Pakistan is implementing a project of Economic Rehabilitation and Empowerment of Gender Based Violence (GBV) under Gender Equity Program.
The economic rehabilitation and capacity building program will take into account the long term needs of these women and equip them with the required skill sets to reintegrate into society in a successful manner to become economically self-sufficient.
Masarrat Misbah appreciated the initiative to enhance the ability of GBV survivors. Addressing the violence victims she said that there is a reason behind everything that will happen or has happened. The only thing we could do is to stay strong, to never lose hope and to have faith in GOD. A lesson for all of us is that for every loss, there is victory, for every sadness there is joy, and when you think you have lost everything, there is hope.
Bushra Shafi shared the sad incident of acid throwing that completely changed her life. But she never gave in and with the support of DSF received medical treatment and later training in beauty art. Today she is happily working at Depilex Beauty Clinic earning a reasonable amount adding to the sustainability of her family and children.
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