To spread awareness and further the cause of eliminating violence against women, Depilex Smileagain Foundation (DSF), has extended the International Day for Eliminating Violence Against Women to this whole week.
To start the week dedicated to the cause of women, a milad was organized by Depilex Smileagain. Daughter of Qazi Hussain Ahmed, Samiya Raheel Qazi addressed the Milad. Prayers were offered for distressed women all over the world. Ayesha Sanaa, Fareeha Pervez and the acid attack victims along with other guests were present at the milad.

A Grand applause for Mz. Massarat Misbah and her Depilex Smileagain  team for their efforts and services to womankind in distress. She has been continuously  raising  hope  for all those women who have suffered the most heinous sort of violence against women. For more than a decade she has dedicated her life to providing the acid attack victims and kerosene burnt victims with medical and psychological care, not only she has provided them with the medical care but also provided them with the employment opportunities for them to earn a living on their own.
Women are a pivotal part of any society. They play all the important parts in the society,  as a mother, a wife, a daughter and a  sister. Such precious beings should be protected, loved and respected.