“Smileagain is a miracle for everyone who has lost hope and doesn’t believe in smiling. Human beings simply do not have the right to disfigure another human being. I admire Masarrat Misbah for her courage and constant battle for making every woman look and feel beautiful. She has not only proved that her institutions are about beauty but that they go skin deep to a point where they touch your soul and make you stop, think and thank god for all you are blessed with! Her work creates a feeling of realization to share what you have been given with those who are less fortunate and are victims of hatred, shunned by society. On meeting her I realized the people who are scarred are absolutely beautiful, as she has woken a side of them which was dormant for quite a while by instilling hope in them and by making them see past their skin and external self.

All I am asking you by voicing my thoughts is to help us as a human race, undo the demons and devious works of these insecure inhuman barbaric animals. I believe in second chances so should you. Every woman is truly beautiful, so help us, help them smile again”
Mehreen Raheal for Depilex Smileagain Foundation