Corporations and Organizations are usually built on solid principles that govern them, in the modern world these principles have changed a lot, though the base principles remain the same but most of them have been modified to include provisions for human resource management, corporate social responsibility and giving back to the society also known as social marketing. Out of these principals corporate social responsibility is the concept most popular these days. Organizations all over the world have been implementing procedures regarding CSR for their human resources and business routines, these procedures are not just being implemented internally but companies have stepped forward for solving issues like energy crisis at a much larger scale.

Masarrat Misbah holds the same vision for Depilex, as a president of both Depilex Smileagain and Depilex Beauty Institute she believes in providing the best work environment to the employees, which she accomplishes by holding training sessions and activities throughout the year.

This year marked many accomplishments for both Depilex Smileagain and Depilex Beauty Institute, as almost 500 patients were registered in Depilex Smileagain this year, countless were provided treatments and surgeries and 3 patients were selected for their final surgeries in Italy.

To mark the successful year of 2012, Masarrat Misbah hosted an annual dinner for Depilex Smileagain and Depilex Beauty Institute staff and volunteers. The group had a pleasant evening out and feasted on traditional Lahori food in a local restaurant.

The colleagues shared jokes, work experiences and light hearted conversation and the gupshup lasted till late. At the end of the dinner Masarrat Misbah thanked everyone for their support and hardwork to make this year a success.