Musarrat Misbah In A Nutshell
Masarrat Misbah has a dynamic persona with multiple talents and is a name that needs no introduction. She is a distinguished entrepreneur, cosmetologist and philanthropist. As a beautician, she is Pakistan’s first beauty expert, who initiated the trend of professional beauty salons in the country. Her charismatic and promising personality reflects vividly her love for beauty. She deserves admiration for her empathy forMasarrat Misbah In A Nutshellthose who have accidentally lost it.
Musarrat Misbah was born on November 25, 1959 in Karachi. Her father Mr. Misbah Uddin Khan is a business tycoon and her mother Ms. Anisa is a social worker, philanthropist and a prominent personality of Karachi. Masarat Misbah spent early years of her life in Karachi. Being the eldest daughter amongst six sisters and two brothers, she was raised and treated as a totally independent individual since her childhood.
Initially Musarat Misbah committed herself fully to help women look beautiful and quickly ascended the ladder of success as a beautician. But something deep inside always reminded her that this was not the ultimate goal she wanted to achieve. Even though she belongs to an affluent family and has always enjoyed a luxurious life, she was constantly thoughtful of the plight of the women who had lost their charm in acid attacks and burning incidents.
With a strong desire to make a meaningful contribution and a will to bring about a positive change in the lives of those who had suffered due to atrocities of deliberate burning, she decided to establish an NGO and eventually laid the basis of Depilex Smileagain Foundation in 2005. Though she is extremely successful in the realms of business and cosmetology, her noble cause to help and rehabilitate acid and burn crimes’ victims has transformed her into a philanthropist who is envied by many.
For her valuable contributions in various fields of life, Masarrat Misbah is the recipient of several prestigious awards. As the President of Depilex Smileagain Foundation, she is the first woman from Pakistan who has been awarded by the Italian Government on Women’s Day for her courage and commitment. Within Pakistan, for her untiring efforts as a beautician, entrepreneur, social worker and philanthropist she has received several exalted awards. In April 2010, she was also honoured with the Presidential Award for Pride of Performance.
Apart from that, Masarrat Misbah had also been invited as a valued guest to deliver various lectures on beauty, philanthropy and social work at multiple universities nationwide.