As Pakistan is in the process of ratification of ILO Convention C 189, serious efforts are needed for the legislation to safeguard the rights of the domestic workers.
APWA took the initiative to prepare a concept note in collaboration with other organizations working on the issues covering various aspects of violence against women. In the first meeting of the series, parliamentarians from leading parties, NGO representatives, labor organizations and legislation experts were invited. Ayesha Taslim, Director Program participated in the deliberations as DSF representative.
The organizers presented issues and current situation. This was followed by presentation of the Draft Bill initiated by senator Saifullah. The following suggestions were made by the participants.

  • The draft in its present form was too raw and needs deeper thinking.
  • Analysis of the existing laws and study of relevant laws of other countries
  • Implementation mechanism must provide solutions to problems faced by domestic workers.
  • Adoption of National Policy would provide an umbrella at the National level for the subsequent legislation on the subject. The National policy would go through consultative process at National and Provincial levels so that the laws be made to tackle the issue of domestic workers in the whole country.
  • Ayesha Taslim congratulated APWA for taking the initiative to hold dialogue on an important issue related to violence against women. She also suggested that employers and employee relationship should also be kept in view to avoid exploitation by either side.