Students of LUMS (University of Management Sciences) organized the annual flagship event in the campus of Suleman Daood School of Business. Masarrat Misbah and Ayesha Taslim participated in the event. Masarrat Misbah was invited as guest speaker. The guest speakers included, Walid Iqbal, Umair Raana and Mohammad Hafeez (Former captain of Pakistan cricket team).
The speakers highlighted the topic from various angles. Leadership qualities were enumerated as honesty, confidence, commitment, positive attitude, intuition and ability to inspire. Alexander the great, Nelson Mandela, and Mohammad Ali Jinnah were quoted as great leaders.
Relating to these qualities Masarrrat Misbah enlightened the audience that the great leaders quoted by the speakers may have one quality or the other which made them great leaders. But the greatest leader of all times is Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). He was gifted and sent by Allah (SWT) to enlighten the mankind. He had all the qualities which make a great leader. His followers increased and consequently, Islam rapidly spread far and wide in the world.