Success Stories

The Case Studies are based on details as narrated by the burnt victims.
As such Depilex Smileagain Foundation is not accountable for the credibility of the incidents

Kainat Mazhar

Kainat Mazhar, a twelve years old young girl, is presently living in Lahore with her step mother, two step brothers and two step sisters. Her mother was Christian and the second wife of Kainat’s father, while her step mother was Muslim and first wife of Kainat’s father. Kainat’s mother wanted her husband to convert to Christianity but her husband refused and snubbed her. This issue led to frequent quarrels. One sad day the dispute took an ugly shape. That night when the whole family went to sleep, Kainat’s mother spread kerosene oil on herself, on her husband and three children including Kainat and lit fire. Kainat Mazhar who was half asleep got alarmed and tried to escape. But the fire was fierce and although she managed to run outside to escape the damage had been done. Her face and body got severe burns. She was rushed by the neighbours to a nearby hospital for emergency services. Unfortunately, her mother, father and two sisters died in this tragic incidence.

Kainat now lives with her stepmother who was kind enough to take responsibility of her. Kainat was registered with DSF in 2017. She is a teenage girl studying in the middle class. DSF has taken the responsibility for her medical treatment and scholarship for education. She has undergone initial surgeries but longer treatment is required to fully heal her scars.

This Ramadan, donate generously to help Kainat and other victims like her to get back to a healthy and normal life.