The people in showbiz are popular for their lack of inclination towards the religion, but there are exceptions and people in the showbiz field have transformed their lives beyond one’s belief. Junaid jamshed is an example of such a personality, the lead vocalist for the ever green band, Vital Signs and the voice behind one of the most popular patriotic songs “Dil Dil Pakistan”. Junaid jamshed was a successful artist both in the vital signs and as a solo artist, but along the way when he realized the showbiz life to be soulless and without a purpose, so he gave up the limelight and took up a journey within. This journey led him to come upon the truth which completely transformed his life. He still has fans all over the Pakistan and is warmly welcomed wherever he goes to delivers lectures on Islam and the Islamic way of life. Musarrat Misbah holds deep respect for Junaid Jamshed both as a person and as a religious scholar, This past week she invited Junaid Jamshed for a daras in DSF.

The DSF team lead by Musarrat Misbah welcomed the guest. The learned speaker recited verses from the Holy Quran and quoted Ahadis in support of ‘taqwa’. He said that after all the hardship and trials that human beings are sometimes subjected to, God showers fortune on them not only in this world but also in the eternal world hereafter.  The DSF survivors happily participated in the DARAS and were very enthusiastic to meet Junaid Jamshed. After listening to his enlightening session, many survivors requested for his autographs.

Later, in a session with Depilex Smile again foundation SF staff Junaid Jamshed was briefed that the Foundation supports the victims starting with medical treatment. Once on their feet they are offered training and rehabilitation to enable them to be part of the society as normal human beings.