It was during my visit at the Peshawar Depilex branch that a woman called and spoke to me about how she has been following me all her life. She was so emotional and went on saying that, “ Mae aap ke mureed hun mujhay milna hai aap ko,” that it completely overwhelmed me. She said she wanted to come see me and that it would be the best thing that could happen to her. I put down the phone and got back to what I was doing earlier, meeting the staff at the Men’s and ladies salons. I had basically gone to Peshawar for the launch of our new Salon and for paying visits to the already operating branches. I got immersed in my meetings and completely forgot about the woman who had called until I saw a young girl with her daughter entering the premise.
The staff was not sure who she wanted to meet but I knew who she was. I asked the staff to let her come to me. She was a young, pretty girl and had her daughter with her who was holding her hand. She came to me and started kissing my hand and repeating what she had said on the telephone. She was the same girl who had called. She started telling me how she had been following me for the past 25 years, had all the recordings of even my dramas, newspaper cuttings and all my interviews I have ever given. She was so emotional and hysteric that I could not really believe how she can be so emotionally attached to me without ever even meeting me. She was still going on with the praises when I told her I had to leave because I had to be at the Gulbahar branch. She did not even complain that I could not give her time and that I had to rush. She was more than happy to meet me and see me in person.
I went back to my car and we started driving to our next destination but I just could not take the girl’s image out of my mind. I have never met anyone like her in my life and I can never forget this encounter all my life!
It not only over whelmed me but also made me realize how lucky I am. I had never thought I could have been given the stature of a “Peerni”, people would follow me in such a spiritual way. It is amazing how people look upto you and just by seeing you on television and hearing about you follow you so religiously. The only thing I thought of doing was to pray to Allah for making me who I am and for giving me so much respect and love. Nobody can ever thank Him enough. I would like all my readers and followers to Thank Him all the time for whatever we have in life. Thank Him for every single thing.
Its never enough!