The International Conference on Entrepreneurship” was held at Royal Palm, Lahore in November 2013. Numerous gurus of entrepreneurship, CEOs, business leaders, entrepreneurial families, international academics and students of various universities took part in this mega event. The topic of the Conference was 
Driving the Pakistani Youth towards an Entrepreneurial Century”.
The featured programs included an ICT round table discussion between keynote speakers and policy advocates, executives and students, presentations by Top academics from Pakistan and abroad belonging to the field of entrepreneurship and a Panel discussion between the keynote speakers and entrepreneurial families of Pakistan. Masarrat Misbah was invited as keynote speaker.
The conference served its purpose well by creating a platform for the spread of awareness on the subject of entrepreneurship across multiple levels of society. Masarrat Misbah emphasized that Entrepreneurship is the nucleus of economic growth and change in society could be brought about by an effective coordination of public private sector. Socially responsible agencies carry the burden of education, formal, informal, or vocational, to the public and fulfill their social responsibility by promoting entrepreneurship across the education, financial, and social sectors at all levels. Quoting her own example she narrated how after successful spread of her business as a beautician, she established the Depilex Smileagain Foundation to help the acid burn victims in Pakistan. The audience highly appreciated her humanitarian initiative.