This month has been quite eventful so far, because it was my beloved country’s Independence Day. Several channels approached me to invite me on their shows for the Independence Day to talk about the Depilex Smileagain Foundation and its cause.  I was recently invited to a dinner in Karachi, which was hosted by Mr and Mrs. Misbah Udin Khan; it was held in collaboration with doctors from both Pakistan and Germany. The doctors, who represented Pakistan, included Dr. Muhammad Ali Javed, Dr. Tahir, Dr. Jameel Bhatti and Dr. Khurshid Alam. The German doctors were very kind to join us Dr. Marita Eisenman and Dr. Debra who is also treating one of the DSF patients, Hina Shahid in Germany.  The main reason for this collaboration is a new venture that has been started in the civil hospital, Karachi that will treat and perform surgeries on acid?kerosene burnt victims.  I am very glad as this will bring very positive change to our cause and the condition of the victims. it will facilitate them in greater measures.
Moreover, on August 10th I was delighted by the invitation from Hum TV, they wanted me to be a part of a show for Independence Day hosted by Sanam Jung. The purpose of inviting me to the show was to create more awareness and to disperse the knowledge among the public about DSF.  There were also many other passionate women who were invited to the show including Mrs, Eidhee, Vaneeza, and a team from the police force. I felt extremely humbled to be a part of a show which provided a platform to women who are doing something good for the destitute of the country.
New channel was generous to call me to discuss about Raheela’s story, who is an acid attack victim, she was attacked by a police constable only because she refused to marry him. Her story has been floating over the news all over. I also took Sarwary Bibi , who is a patient at DSF in order to allow the public to become aware of the pain and emotions that Raheela must have gone through during and after the attack.