How would our lives if returning home someone threw a bucket of acid on him and ran away, maybe a week before our wedding? What would we do if our future husband, along with his father and his brothers decided to sfigurarci with acid because we do not have an adequate dowry? In an instant his features erased (at best), marked for life for a crime that does not exist.
In Pakistan, the drama of the victims of acid attacks is widespread even if it is treated as a marginal problem. The reasons for the violence, always against women, are often the jealousy, the desire not to marry, the resistance to having sex. The government has tightened the punishment for those who commit this terrible violence from 6-10 to 20 years in prison, but very often women do not report their attackers for fear of retribution or shame. The substances that are used are the most common corrosive then the acid and kerosene.
Depilex Smile again FOUNDATION
Thank Musarrat Misbah Pakistani entrepreneur of 55 years, was born Depilex Smile again Foundation, an organization with which Musarrat has managed to raise the funds to start 25 beauty centers offering work and assistance to women scarred with acid. In addition to assisting in terms of medical and legal victims, Musarrat tries to teach them a trade to make her smile again. Some of them were not able to look in the mirror, to leave the house very often kept his face covered by a veil always in the hope of one day being able to afford surgery appropriate.
STORY Naheed
Naheed was just a teenager when she was offered a boy in her husband, her family refused and she completed her studies. After a few years Naheed she married a man who loved and became the mother of two children, was happy until the day when the first husband refused decided to take revenge sfregiandole face with acid. After several interventions Naheed had to get on the waiting list due to lack of disposable income, but recently has managed to register in a center Depilex and will soon reoperation.