Children are the blessing of God and at the same time a great responsibility on the shoulders of parents. The first and foremost desire of parents is to prepare them for a bright and successful future. Every parent hopes and wishes for their children to be successful in life but this can only be achieved if the correct method towards this goal is adapted and the right environment created from the very beginning.
A child interacts with her mother the most. She is her first and the most significant source of learning. For the better upbringing of a child, a mother should be educated in the first place and at the same time willing to adapt to the requirements of the changing environment.  An educated mother knows the essentials for the better development of a child. She knows the value of two way communication between mother and child. She builds a relationship of trust and that is why the child shares every problem with her mother. It helps a mother to know the child’s activities and correct her where she is wrong. She also guides her to become a better human being
An educated mother understands the needs of the growing child. She teaches her the value of hygiene and helps her to lead a healthy life.
Education broadens her mind and soul which makes her able to develop interest and opinion about different aspects of life. She knows the norms and necessities of the changing world. Having these abilities, she nurtures her child according to the everyday changing demands and trends of the society. She observes her critically and understands her needs, strengths and weaknesses. She prepares her for the trying period of practical life and makes him able to face the world on his own as an adult. In this way, she not only brings up a human being of a good character but also with the strength to combat harsh world.
She helps her bring the best out of her which results in individual success. And if it happens at large, that nation becomes successful in the world. This is why all developed and developing countries emphasize on women’s education because an educated mother can help in bringing up a healthy and intelligent generation.
In a country like Pakistan, women’s education should also be promoted and facilitated for the establishment of a better society and successful nation. Investing in women’s education now will ensure a better generation for tomorrow.