In several cases of domestic violence, women are not aware of their rights and do not know how laws can be helpful for them to protect their lives and freedom. In most of the cases, women, victims of domestic violence remain silent and keep bearing all the brutalities of their spouses or their fathers and brothers.
Domestic violence starts from scolding to slapping and can lead to acid throwing and in some cases murdering a woman by putting false allegations of zina on her and honor killing etc.
Do our women know their rights? Do they actually know what law and judiciary can do to protect themselves from their brutal male family members? Unfortunately, the answer is NO!
I can say this because the data mentioned below is the prove for this
About 80% of Pakistani women experience domestic violence, while one in three experiences violence such as rape, honour killing, immolation, acid attacks, and verbal or psychological abuse, according to an Oxfam Great Britain strategy paper. More than 75,000 women have died from violence in the past 10 years, Madadgaar Helpline data indicate.
“In the vast majority of cases where women lost their lives as a result of violence at home, it was their husbands and in-laws who were to blame, while at other times it was the victims’ brothers and fathers,” said Anis Haroon, chairwoman of the National Commission on Status of Women (NCSW), Islamabad.
A lot of reasons are there to discuss why women do not know about their legal rights. But am I allowed to imagine a society where people are aware of their rights and responsibilities?
It is crystal clear that a balanced society can only be established  where a woman knows her rights and knows that she will be given her rights if anyone would try to exploit her for any reason. And the culprit knows that judiciary would not spare him if he harms a woman.
The Senate unanimously approved the Domestic Violence (Prevention and Protection) Bill, 2012 for the Islamabad Capital Territory February 20. The bill criminalizes any act of violence perpetrated privately and aims to protect women, children and other vulnerable people from domestic violence. This needs to be implemented in all cases of domestic violence.
It is very important to make women aware of their rights as well as their legal authorities they can use with the help of law.