There are many sorts of burns which can be accidental or intentional. A burn can be painful or painless, according to the degree. The degree of a burn is determined by its location on the body and the number of skin layers affected.
Acid burns or chemical burns are the worst sort of burns which are usually a cause of domestic violence and accidents; these are categorized as third category of burns which are also known as full thickness burns. These burns penetrate deep into skin and cause a lot of damage; also they require surgery to close and may result in permanent disfigurement and disability. In such cases, first aid on the right time may reduce the damage until the affected person reaches proper medical care.
First aid is necessary to give somebody the best chance of survival until they can get to an advanced care facility such as a hospital. Safety and immediate treatment are the right of every person, if we know the proper way it can be done in a very simple manner by any layman.
Another important thing which we need to know is the kind of chemical in order to treat it accordingly. It is important to know that not all acid burns can be flushed out with water.  If you are unaware whether it’s toxic or not, without taking any risk, call the rescue team 1122 immediately.
Please follow the following steps in case of emergencies:

  • If the chemical causing the burn is a powder, brush the powder away from the skin first.
  • Remove any contaminated clothing or jewelry while flushing the skin.
  • If the eyes are affected, flush eyes with cold water


  • Do not break or pop any blisters.