Domestic violence is a complex social problem. Women belonging to lower socioeconomic backgrounds usually suffer from this. A collective effort on the part of government, NGOs, welfare and community organizations can help eradicate this problem from[…] the society.
Let’s take a look at the steps which can be taken towards a better and peaceful society.
The government should develop a proper education system. Quality education should be redeemed in every town and village because it is a great source to make people aware of their rights and responsibilities. In our society, it has been noted that in comparison with females, males have more facilities to acquire education. Therefore, the government should establish policies to deliver quality education to the females specifically. Moreover, it is the role of government to aware people of the legislation’s and laws against domestic violence. Furthermore, the implementation of these laws on the part of government is also of great significance. The syllabus of the students at middle and intermediate levels should include information and awareness regarding domestic violence.
Different media of mass communication can also play their part in providing peoples’ legal awareness about the issue. It can also help government by pointing out serious issues of the society which need to be addressed.
NGOs can play significant role in bringing awareness in people and can help government in eradicating this problem from the society
The purpose of the community is also of immense value in reducing this enigma from the guild. In a family, males and female children should be brought up and cared for equally. Parents should not prefer their male children for providing education, food and respect. In our cultural scenario, the brothers are preferred over their sisters because they are going to be earning hands of their kin. With the same mindset, when these males grow up start dominating their mothers, sisters and wives. Sometimes, this dominance reaches to its peak and translates into domestic violence. The brought up of both brother and sister on equality makes them realize the facts that no one is superior to anyone and they do understand the rights of women as well.
Most of the times, such problems also arise when young women marry at a very early age. At a young age and with no education, they are not aware of their rights and become targets of cruel in laws.  That is why, parents should let their daughters go to school and complete their studies before getting married. It makes their daughter literate and confident so that they can speak against the violation of their rights.
For a better and peaceful society, the roles of government, NGOs, media and community are very important. NGOs and media can bring awareness in society about this issue. Government should understand the seriousness of the issue and apply the laws against domestic violence. The accused should be punished. As far as the role of people is concerned, people should realize that females are not inferior to men in any respect.