A seminar was held in Aiwan e Iqbal on 8th March to highlight the importance of Women’s Rights. Chief Minister Punjab, Mohammad Shahbaz Sharif was the Chief Guest.  An overview about the prominent women who had served the motherland through their outstanding capabilities was presented. Among these ladies Masarrat Misbah was mentioned as a prominent entrepreneur and business icon. After her introduction a big round of applause was given by the audience. As Masarrat Misbah was out of the country DSF was represented by Aliya Khan and Yasmeen Zahoor.
The Chief Minister in his address pronounced necessary amendments in laws related to women and making these laws up-to-date in accordance with the present day requirements.
Under Women Protection Laws the Punjab Government committed the enactment of comprehensive legislation to provide assistance to the female victims of violence covering all kinds of gender based violence including domestic violence. Focusing on offense of Acid Throwing, the following commitments were made:

  • An amendment will be made in the Poisons Act, 1919 to discourage acid throwing incidents on women.
  • Acid throwing shall be dealt with under the anti- terrorism laws.
  • A Provincial Board for Acid Burn Victims and a Fund shall be established to recommend specialized medical and psychological care and its monitoring.

The announcements made by the Chief Minister have two aspects: first, it will provide ways and means to effectively safeguard women’s rights and second, it is expected to have far reaching effects on their sociology-economic status by expanding opportunities available to them.
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