I was young and beautiful when I could see the world like you do. I had many dreams like other young girls. One of my dreams came true. Yes it was my wedding to my cousin whom I liked very much. I was so excited and happily entered my new home with hopes of having a family with beautiful children. But my married life turned into a nightmare. Soon after the marriage my in laws started scolding and maltreating me. The charge was that I could not bring enough dowry as my parents were poor. My husband never took my side; instead he joined in the scolding which eventually led to beatings. I was regularly asked to bring money. My parents were dead and my siblings were poor, so I could not meet their demands. The regular beatings led to a horrific moment when one day my husband sprinkled kerosene oil and lit me on fire.  My face, forehead, eyelids, neck, and chest were severely burnt. I went for initial emergency treatment at nearest hospital. But it was difficult for me to afford medical expenses. A thousand dreams within me had burnt after this in human act.
The suffering continued till the day I found out about DSF and met Masarrat Misbah. It was 2008 the blessed year when my life took a turn. Masarrat Misbah welcomed me, encouraged and supported me and assured that better days were ahead. I was examined and treated very well by the doctors.  Overtime I have undergone many surgeries. The surgeries were very painful but I my wounds started to heal.
Masarrat Baji also supported me financially and morally. She provided me a skilled based training. I made new friends during the beauty training course by Depilex Institute. During training I met another victim Bushra who was also a victim of violence by her husband and in laws. Therefore, we became best friends.
It was happiest day for me when I started working in Depilex as an employee. I was proud to be working women. I was able to earn and support myself. Clients at Depilex liked me and preferred my services.

Depilex Smileagain Foundation also provided me a plastic bottle making machine and I started to make plastic bottles at home as well. This added to my income.
I was living comfortably but I had lost hope to have my own family. I was not pretty now. But after a long wait, happiness knocked at my door. It was Arshad who sent marriage proposal for me. He wanted to marry me even with my disfigured face. I took Masarrat Baji into confidence and she encouraged me to accept the proposal. On her advice I went at Qutb online TV show with her to appeal for donations to support me and meet the wedding expenses. I am so happy and grateful to the people across the world sending best wishes, prayers and donation for me.
I went for the shopping with the support of Masarrat Baji. And I bought furniture, clothes, shoes, handbags, etc as per my choice. Baji arranged my wedding and shared the expenses as well. A week prior to the wedding every evening, Masarrat Baji and DSF staff sang wedding songs for me at DSF office.  I could feel wedding bells in the air.
Masarrat Baji is like my mother. I am lucky and proud that she the most renowned beautician of Pakistan made me bride at my special day. My family, friends and all Pakistanis participated in my wedding. It was online at Subha Saveray Sama K Saath on 7th -8th January 2016. I enjoyed every moment of my wedding like shopping, dance, songs, festivity etc. My friends from Depilex smileagain Foundation also gave me lots of gifts. People across the world sent me best wishes through Depilex Smileagain Foundation Facebook Page. I was so happy on my special day, it was like a fairy tail I never imagined. I am now Arshad’s bride. He is a nice and caring companion. I am enjoying every moment of my life.
I feel it is an end of my hardships and sorrows.
I am grateful to God that it is a happy ending of my Pain.