FM 91 arranged a preview of Docu-film Girl Rising in Lahore. The documentary portrays brave girls of developing countries including Afghanistan, Egypt, Sudan, Bangladesh, India, Nepal who succeeded to break the barriers of violence. A few glimpses of Malala Yousafzai were also given in the intro.
The preview was followed by a panel discussion by a cross section of social representatives. Masarrat Misbah and Ayesha Taslim represented DSF. Masarrat Misbah reiterated the importance of education for girls. Educated mothers can raise their children without bias of cultural pressures. She also highlighted the importance of civil society organizations in molding public opinion against rigid cultural norms.
The importance of role of media in bringing change was also discussed by the panelists. Ayesha Taslim emphasized the need to reform education to bring about a change in the mindset instead of just pursuing literacy. She also gave a brief of the holistic approach of DSF activities serving acid burn victims through surgeries followed by psych social support and training for rehabilitation. All panelists agreed that education and economic empowerment of females must be a priority agenda.
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