LADIESFUND Entrepreneurship Conference, held in Karachi invited Masarrat Misbah, to a panel discussing ‘How to Start’. Joining her in the panel were Muriel de Saint, from France representing International Marketing and Communications Agency and Nida Butt, the founder of ‘Made for Stage Productions’ in Karachi. Rohan Malik from UK working with Earnest & Young Emerging Markets Leader was invite to serve as moderator.
Rohan introduced Masarrat Misbah as recipient of Presidential Award for Pride of Performance, for her achievements, as a successful business women, an outstanding entrepreneur and philanthropist.
The purpose of the 45 minute panel discussion was to guide and propel the students, women entrepreneurs and especially budding entrepreneurs in the audience to take that ‘first step’ and begin their business or start making their dreams come true, give value to clients, create jobs and lead to prosperity.
Masarrat Misbah shared her business experiences and highlighted that starting from one outlet Depilex Beauty Clinic now has widespread network of 30 branches/franchises across Pakistan. As a philanthropist and social activist she established Depilex Smileagain Foundation to help acid and kerosene oil burn victims through medical treatment, psycho-social support and vocational training for rehabilitation.
Prio to the event the panelists and guests were invited to a welcome dinner hosted by the Consul General of Morrocco in Pakistan.