Waqt TV organized an event in its Karachi studios to highlight the importance of freedom of speech “Bol kay lab azad hain tairay”. Masarrat Misbah accompanied by three survivors;Kanwal Qayum, Rubina Rustam and Mamoona participated.
As a great supporter of human rights Masarrat Misbah voiced the importance of freedom of speech. Freedom of speech is considered to be important because it helps people to air their views and grievances. When criticisms are freely voiced, the care-takers have the opportunity to respond.
Freedom of speech preserves peace and order in the society. It does this by; promoting free flow of information, thereby promoting ideas that uncover the truth. It promotes self-actualization of both importers and receivers of the ideas.
The DSF girls shared their experiences and voiced their concerns about prevailing gender based violence.
Depilex Smile again Foundation (DSF)