Feminism is the belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities; it is the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes. However, Young ladies these days may take this term in a slightly different meaning. Giving a new definition to feminism. We observe this quite a lot that women who see themselves as feminists follow the term, “all women good, all men bad”, seeking to make women more powerful than men or maybe choosing not to get in a healthy relationship with the male gender. That is not what we call feminism.These so called feminists that hate men have lost the point of feminism. Feminism by definition is about equality.
Feminists are mothers, daughters, and all kinds of women who have wonderful relationships with men in their lives; however, feminists hate some behavior displayed by men who are misogynistic, who put women down, who believe that women are not equal beings, and who sexualize women. Feminists simply want to be treated equally and with respect.
Discrimination against women comes from everywhere, even other women, not just men. Both men and women can be feminists, feminism is about gender equality, so it also includes standing up for men’s rights. Men are very  much involved in feminism, we just don’t see them as much.
Feminism has normally been a wonderful movement, evening the turf, fighting for the rights of women. And then there are the extremists, the “men haters”. The media usually portrays all feminists like this, because even though they are the minority, they are by far the most vocal, and so at times it seems like they are the only type.
Oppression and sexism are the evils. Some women who have been so badly hurt are prone to extremes and they should be treated with compassion. The vast majority of mainstream feminists hate men that they’ve never met, even the good males that they interact with every day.
Women are still not always treated equal and the way I see it, anyone who believes in human rights and equality, is a feminist.