During her visit to Atlanta USA, Masarrat Misbah held meetings with US and Pakistani communities to promote the DSF cause. DSF supporters and friends were invited to gather over lunch hosted by Shazia at her residence.
Masarrat established links with Plastic Surgery Hospital of Atlanta through Dr. David M. Whiteman, member of the American Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons, Certified, American Board of Plastic Surgery. As part of a chain of medical support the first agreed initiative is to send one victim for medical treatment during the current year.
Through Dr Whiteman Masarrat Misbah was also introduced to Mark Edelstein head of MedGift. MedGift helps those experiencing a medical related need or hardship by connecting those in need with friends and loved ones who care to help them. The group of dedicated volunteers provides an environment to help those who have medical related financial, emotional, and physical support hardships or needs. Mark Edelstein pledged to raise funds for DSF.
Links were also established with Zubin Meshginpoosh representing Enaltus Pharmaceutical, helping individuals restore, preserve or enhance their sense of self by providing safe, effective and differentiated products for scars and other skin concerns. Mr Zubin offered provision of required medicines and fundraising help for Depilex Smileagain Foundation.