Depilex Smile again Foundation (DSF) arranged a workshop for acid and kerosene oil burnt victims in Karachi. The topic for the day long session was “Enabling for Financial Self Reliance”.
In line with its Mission, DSF takes care of acid burn victims by providing medical treatment, psycho-social support, vocational training and assistance in job placement. The objective of this workshop was to develop self awareness of their capabilities so that they are able to focus on what they ‘can do’ instead of what they ‘cannot do’.
The workshop was conducted by Dr Owais Siraj, a reputable trainer, learning facilitator and Managing Director of Ganzee Solutions.
The methodology adopted was highly interactive with maximum use of ‘participants’ voices’. Keeping in view the educational level of participants the use of basic and understandable terminology in Urdu language was adopted to help participants develop the necessary skills to become financially independent.
The consultant used a combination of theory, role play, discussions, examples and best practices sharing to enable the participants in devising a comprehensive understanding on the subject and a hands-on practice session for successful enabling process.
This initiative prepared the participants to choose options of employment or self employment as per suitability/opportunities/circumstances. 16 acid burn survivors registered with DSF benefited from this exercise.
Depilex Smile again Foundation (DSF)