Bali Memorial Trust invited Masarrat Misbah to deliver a motivational talk in a workshop organized for the destitute women.
Bali Memorial Trust runs a girl shelter/orphanage, a Women Crisis Centre in collaboration with USAID and Aurat Foundation.
In an interactive session, Masarrat Misbah delivered a motivational speech to the group of twenty to twenty five women. She emphasized that in every situation; we should thank God for the blessings and do not cry or whine on the problems we face. All the problems we face are our test of faith and belief in HIM. Moreover, if we look around us, we would notice that our problems are very small in front of problems of other people. We only need to appreciate what we have not on what we do not have. Being unthankful make us rude and Allah does not like those who do not thank for HIS blessings.
At the end of session, she also shared few stories of Acid burn victims at Depilex Smileagain Foundation and told that how these women survived and fought their problems.