‘Echoes of Pakistan’ is a project of three young journalists from Austria. They aim to show the daily life of the young people in Pakistan. Its about showing the positive face of Pakistan, highlighting the cultural values and aspirations of the youth. The journalists’ team comprising Lukas Klingen, Dwin Mardigan and Ferdinend Firroli won a scholarship from the Press Club Vienna, which is sponsored by different daily newspapers and magazines. After their trip and research they will publish in many different media, stories with various perspectives about the youth and culture of Pakistan.
The team visited Depilex Smileagain Foundation (DSF) to learn about the hopes and aspirations of the acid burn victims. Masarrat Misbah shared that gender based domestic violence is a reality in the third world. Every day the media reports cases of atrocities that are faced by helpless victims. Few of these are ever brought to justice due to communal pressures and loop holes in the legal system. Acid and kerosene oil burning is a gender specific crime. Young girls and women are the common victims of this crime. Although the mortality rate is low the survival is considered by victims to be a fate worse than death. The crime has long term repercussions comprising physical disfiguration and often immobility and psychological complications. DSF arranges medical treatment, psycho-social support and vocational training for rehabilitation of the victims of acid and kerosene oil burns.