Patient’s Name: Mamoona
City: Karachi, Pakistan
Mamoona’s brother had a fight with the community boys. After a few days on 14th August night Mamoona went with her brother to buy small display flags of Pakistan from the local market. As they were standing by the vendor choosing flags, the boys saw her. Her brother told her to run away. As she turned, one boy took out a bottle of acid and threw the liquid on her face. Her face, neck and arms were affected and one eye was lost. She has under gone a series of surgeries and checkups and is much recovered. She was a student of class 8 when the sad incident occurred. Depilex Smileagain helped her to complete her studies. She has passed the matriculation examination and has also completed a computer course. Depilex Smileagain has further arranged her placement in Indus Hospital Karachi where she is presently studying to become a qualified nurse.