Name: Kanwal Qayyum
City: Karachi – Pakistan
The fault of the dreamy eyed Kanwal Qayyum was that she was an essential dreamer; she dreamed of earning a better future for herself, her children and her family; and to materialize this dream, she worked hard, studying as well as getting training as an air hostess besides shouldering the onerous responsibilities of being a housewife and a diligent mother. She had almost stepped onto the hem of her cherished dream, but it was not to be so. The night before she was to join an Airline service, her husband mercilessly threw acids on her, making sure to mar those lovely eyes which had treasured the golden dream of a better tomorrow.Instead of joining in the Airline, she was forced to report to DSF where she has undergone a number of reconstructive surgeries over a period of three years, restoring her bare essentials. She was also assisted in taking a number of beautician courses from Depilex; the psychological treatment also gave her a new will to live and face life once again. Though not fully recovered, Kanwal still awaits more surgeries, and a chance to materialize her cherished dream. For she has learnt not to give up; either on life or her dreams.”The evil act did not just mutilate my body; it marred my soul and shattered my dreams too. Now courtesy Depilex Smileagain foundation, I am beginning to breathe again, dream again; Life is precious; and the true meanings of this has been taught to me by the very compassionate Depilex Smileagain Foundation. how can I ever thank them enough”