domestic-violence-md-new-150x150Domestic violence is not just a problem of a country, it’s the problem the whole world is facing right now. Most of the countries have laws that address the domestic violence issues, but still the domestic violence is on the rise. The root cause behind this crime which starts as a mere quarrel or a conflict of opinion can lead to major disasters or people suffering. In most of the cases the victims have either resisted to oppression or have objected to an abusive behavior, which has resulted in them being threatened with life or being disfigured.
In most of the developed countries there are laws and resources that men or women can contact in case of abusive behavior, but in developing countries this results in either the victim being abused again and again or the victims prefers to stay quiet e.g. A woman in Bangladesh was forced to stay with the same husband who threw acid on her. If a victim dares to speak against such crimes or tries to raise her or his voice against such issues, she is threatened or she faces difficulties in getting her voice heard. Recently an acid victim in India, Sonali, won 25 lacs in a game show hosted by Amitabh Bachan. This was one victim, there are actually thousands who either are abused daily either by their parents, husbands or other relatives, the majority of whom are women, who prefer to stay quiet most of the time. Here is an infographic which states the domestic violence figures in detail.